Greater Gwinnett Rose Society

GGRS, which is affiliated with the American Rose Society, is dedicated to the enjoyment, enhancement and promotion of roses. We have a monthly newsletter, "The Rose Vine", meetings with informative speakers and rose programs. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Building. We do not always hold meetings in December and March. In addition, one of the major programs in the American Rose Society is developing Consulting Rosarians. Consulting Rosarians, as in all Rose Societies, are available for consulting on most any rose question. The list of Consulting Rosarians is also provided in our newsletter. Membership in GGRS is open to anyone interested in learning about or growing roses. Annual dues are $15.00 for a single membership or $20.00 for two when at the same address.

Our annual Rose Day is held at Bogan Park, Suwannee, GA from 9:00 to 12:00. Typically, this is done the first weekend in March. We present information on varieties of roses for Atlanta and how to grow roses - pruning, fertilizer etc. We also sponsor a Rose Garden at Bogan Park; we have completed the planting and are now maintaining the garden. This past Rose Day we pruned, fertilized and mulched the roses with the mulch supplied by Bogan Park. Join us for a fun time and learn about roses. It's really not hard to do. The roses at Bogan Park are never sprayed; only receiving an annual pruning and fertilizer plus a little pruning and fertilizer during the growing season. We used two varieties - Knock Out, a red shrub rose, and Carefree Beauty (also known as Katy Road Pink). Neither rose requires spraying allowing anyone to grow and enjoy roses at their home. In the fall we sponsor an annual Rose Show with Bogan Park. If you have not seen a rose show, consider attending this years event. The show in both locations is free. Our State Botanical Garden is well worth the trip to see the show and the gardens.

Below are listed some of the benefits which we offer:

Many of our purchases are done in bulk so we help save our member's money.

Below are the list of GGRS officers for 2016. We thank our past officers and wish our new officers the best in the coming year. If you have any questions, please contact any of the officers. We appreicate your interest.

Henry Everett (MR), President

Al Coleman (CR), 1st Vice President, Programs

Rani von Württemberg (CR), 2nd Vice President, Membership

Bet Sobon, Secretary/Treasurer

Adolf von Württemberg,Newsletter Editor and e-mail distributor

We invite you to attend our meetings or any of our activities. If you would like to join the society, you can obtain an application at any of our meetings or functions or you can either print this application and fill it in by hand or enter your information on this application, print it and send either version with your check made out to "GGRS" to Al Coleman, Greater Gwinnett Rose Society, 346 Clyde Ct, McDonough, GA 30252.

You may also wish to join the American Rose Society. It has many benefits including a monthly magazine.

Finally, if you do not live in Gwinnett, but live in or near Atlanta, you may wish to join or visit one of the other Local Societies.