Robin Ross's List of Roses

By Robin Ross

About three years ago Robin Ross provided a list of roses which she felt were easy to grow in Atlanta. In an email Robin stated this list was made up with the help of Sheree Wright of the Greenville Rose Society. This list is presented with Robin's permission. Thank you. Robin is the Field Development Scientist with EDEN Bioscience, developer of Messenger and Mighty Plant.

A number of the roses are Earth Kind Roses. Please see the Earth Kind Roses article for a complete listing. Nearly Wild on the list below has not been consistent in it's resistent to blackspot in our area. My experience is that it requires spraying, although some rosarians have not had to spray. This could be due to the location and/or air circulation. The list below is in alphabetical order.

For additional information on Earth Kind Roses, use Google or your favorite search engine and search for "Earth Kind Roses".