Alfalfa Tea

10 cups alfalfa meal or pellets

2 cups epsom salts

½ cup chelated iron

2 cups fish emulsion, optional

Mix all ingredients in a 32 gallon trash can. Fill to top with water. Stir and cover. Stir about once or twice a day. After 3 days the mixture will not smell very good. It is brewing after another day or two (4-5 days total) the tea is done and ready to use. Use 1 gallon per large bush, pouring a circle at the drip line. Use about 1/3 gallon for miniature roses. Water well. This mixture is safe for everything else in your garden. If you like you can fill the can again and make a second brew. However, you will need to add Epsom Salts, chelated iron and fish emulsion again. When you're finished making the tea you can also spread the alfalfa meal on your garden or other plants. The tea is good for all your garden plants.

Alfalfa meal and pellets may be purchased at feed stores. It's often sold in 50 pound pellet form. Epsom salts may be purchased in many stores. If you obtain it at a feed store, you should be able to save some money. Chelated iron and fish emulsion are available at garden centers.

This recipe is based on Howard Walter's Alfalfa Tea recipe.